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Driver's Market

"Driver's Market" is the revolutionary way the British Boring Car Championship is handling driver and team line-up changes between seasons. Due to the nature of sim racing, drivers can often just enlist themselves for a series with the team they currently run with and provide their own liveries etc.

To reflect a more true-to-life format, the drivers from Season 1 of the British Boring Car Championship will be asked to submit a series of forms confirming whether they aim to continue into Season 2, whether they wish to stay in the team they're in, and - if not - what seats they would like to apply for for the upcoming championship. This is where the true beauty of having preset teams and liveries determined and handled by the series organiser comes into play.

This will not only add a slight bit of drama throughout the paddock with drivers getting picked over others for certain teams, but also add a bit of suspense and build up to the season, with a few surprises thrown in as opposed to the usual scenario where everyone already knows who drives for who a long time ahead of any announcements.

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Please do not fill in either of the top two forms below if you are not a driver that took part in Season 1.

Form 1 - Season 2 Notice of Intent

Form 1 - Season 2 Notice of Intent

Season 1 Drivers Only


Form 2 - Season 2 Team Application Form

Form 2 - Season 2 Team Application Form


Season 2 Public Entry Form