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Chazlington to Race in VMO's SRTCUK Touring Car Charity Race

I've been invited to take part in a Charity Race that Virtual Motorsport Online are hosting in partnership with Simply Race on the 5th of April, which will feature some of the British Touring Car Championship's greatest talents and give fans a chance to race against them, all in the name of charity - The Trussell Trust, which is helping Food Banks all over to provide for those that really need it at this challenging time.

The drivers will be using the Next Generation Touring Cars on rFactor 2, so you'd think that a lot of the real-life drivers involved would be familiar with the equipment, but if any of the recent live streams are anything to go by, there's definitely sim racers and fans out there that could show them how it's done on the virtual track.

The likes of Paul O'Neill and Colin Turkington have already been confirmed for the event, with fellow commentators Tom Brooks and Jack Nicholls being announced today as well, with more on the way, too!. I'd heard about the event being organised last week and thought to myself about how amazing sim racing has been for the motorsport community since the COVID-19 outbreak caused all the cancellations and how it's really come into the public eye.

To be invited to race in the event has blown my mind in all honesty - seeing all of these races sprouting up with real-life drivers, popular motorsport and sim racing personalities involved gave me something to aim for - to be considered among that group. I'll be working on liveries for myself and Tom Brooks in the coming days so keep an eye out for that on my Facebook, Twitter and Instagram!

Despite this, and my want to pinch myself a bit, the attention shouldn't be taken away from the fact that this is all for a great cause and doing everything we can to help those in need. I urge you all to donate where you can, and support the event to the fullest and any events that follow after.


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