Coches Aburridos en España

The British Boring Car Championship will be holding its second Special Event in the form of a 3-Hour Race around the Spanish classic Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya! The event title Coches Aburridos en España translates to "Boring Cars in Spain", which is exactly what it'll be.

Any driver that competed in a previous Official Round (Christmas Beach Party doesn't count, sorry!) of the Championship will be allowed to enter, where they will drive the car they most recently raced in. They will be given the opportunity to choose a co-driver to join them for this endurance event, in a "Bathurst 1000" kind of way, if you will. There is no restriction on who this co-driver is other than "it can't be another driver that's previously competed in an Official Round of the British Boring Car Championship".

This should hopefully open up the entry list and give drivers a chance to see how they compare to the usual runners in the series. There have been a lot of people interested in the series that haven't had the chance to get involved due to the smaller-than-average grid sizes and high level of commitment from the drivers that got in early on.

The Rulebook can be found at this link here, with the Entry Form for the event here! Please bear in mind that entries don't open until 20:00GMT on the 11th of January 2021! There's a £5 Entry Fee which helps cover Server Time and Admin Work to get everything set up and running smoothly. There will also be a trophy for each driver in the winning car.

Either way, the event is bound to be a lot of fun, although it's already clear that some drivers are very competitive about taking the crown in this special event!

Keep an eye on for future updates!

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