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Welcome to the British Boring Car Championship - an idea that was in the works for almost three years before being put into action. What started out as a potential one-off event on iRacing has bloomed into a widely-enjoyed and sought after fun racing series.

The main ethos behind the British Boring Car Championship is entertainment - I wanted the cars to look the part while still remaining comical and give the drivers and viewers something they could both enjoy. The Volkswagen Jetta TDI Cup that is used has just under 170 horsepower, makes a rather dull noise and isn't much to look at, however the racing they produce is incredible and to be honest they can be a right hoot to drive - they like to oversteer on the brakes.

Continuing with the comical aspect, the liveries have been made to look like cars from the 1999 British Touring Car Championship - albeit from a distance - with some ironic and fun "sponsors" and logos being used - take Netcode instead of Nescafe for example, poking fun at one of sim racing's biggest gripes and Dodgy M.O.T instead of Rapid Fit.

The championship follows a calendar similar to what the BTCC would have done in the late 90s, only limited by the track choice on iRacing. Two visits to Brands Hatch, Donington Park and Silverstone make the most of the different layouts available and the fact that sim racing allows you to "go back in time" and race on tracks that have now been reconfigured and long forgotten.

Everything is based around maintaining an enjoyable atmosphere for the drivers and competitors first and foremost, with protests and conflict around incidents kept to a minimum, but close, competitive racing is of course encouraged. The first season's driver and team line-up was determined by a random draw which was broadcast live. The second season started with a very interesting period of determining drivers and teams called "Drivers Market", mimicing a real-life pre-season shuffling of drivers and teams, as the teams are preset - something you don't often see in sim racing.

The series has received high praise from many sim racers and viewers and we've even had the pleasure of having the very familiar voice of David Addison - current British Touring Car Championship and GT World Challenge Commentator - call the shots in the commentary box on the majority of the races. David himself has complimented the racing and light-hearted nature of proceedings.

Any information you may need on the championship - whether you're a spectator or a competitor - should be below. If you can't find what you're after, please feel free to contact me via email or social media.


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