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Charter A Sim Flight
for YouTube

As a way to increase viewer interaction and diversify the content coming to my YouTube Channel in the form of Microsoft Flight Simulator videos, I've decided to open up a flight-chartering service, where viewers pay a small fee to decide where I fly from, where to, in what aircraft and even the airline/livery. Each submission will be honoured so long as said flight fits within a couple of parameters which I'll mention in a moment.

At the time of setting this up and writing, the only aircraft option is the Airbus A320neo by FlyByWire, as it's potentially the only aircraft I'll be sticking to until the Bluebird Simulator Boeing 757 arrives in Microsoft Flight Simulator. That said, I have recently acquired the PMDG Boeing 737-800 so may consider that an option going forward (the Cessna Citation CJ4 doesn't make the list unfortunately as I've had a tough time with certain systems in it, recently).

So, the parameters (for now). All flights must take place in Europe or the UK. To make sure I won't be doing any flights that take ridiculous amounts of time to complete (due to recording time and storage space) I'm going to ask that there's a distance limit of 700 nautical miles, which I will check within the Navigraph Charts - as the crow flies - upon receipt of a submission. If it's over this number, then I'll simply refund the fee and explain why.

Please no silly airports. Nothing with ridiculously short runways or elevation changes. I know it's a fun idea but I like the idea of keeping it a professional simulation of real-world (ish) operations.

When choosing an airline or livery, please try to keep it appropriate to the route or country I'll be flying into or out of. For example, Spain to the UK might be British Airways or Iberia. Germany would be Lufthansa, for example.

I can't guarantee dates on when videos will be recorded and uploaded due to a packed YouTube schedule, but all viewers that submit a flight idea will have a shout-out at the beginning of the video with a screenshot of their submission etc. to clarify which one the video relates to, in case there's multiple.

These limitations and options may change in future as I get more experienced and comfortable with certain elements of the sim and the upcoming Microsoft Flight Simulator 2024, of course.

Please try to provide airport ICAO codes where possible - Manchester / EGCC for example.

Please copy, paste and fill in the text below in the "what's this for?" field on PayPal.

Your Name/YouTube Username:

Origin Airport: 

Destination Airport: 

Aircraft: Airbus A320neo (FlyByWire)


Please send £10 per submission by clicking the button below and, if prompted, please send via Goods and Services, not Friends and Family.

This fee covers the organisation, recording and editing time that goes into making the resulting video.

I look forward to seeing what you come up with and taking on more flights around the continent.

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