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"Chaz Draycott has a bright future ahead of him in any commentary box. He is enthusiastic, knowledgeable and with a passion for the sport that shines through his commentaries.


Whether it is real-world or Esports racing, Chaz has an ability to describe the action in a way that engages his audience and his Esports broadcasts highlight an interviewing style that lets you eavesdrop on a conversation between friends, rather than a formal Q&A. Whether as a race commentator or a reporter, Chaz can turn his hand to the role with great professionalism."

- David Addison, BTCC and GT World Challenge Commentator

"With Chaz, we have an outstanding program specialist in our team. Due to our new sustainable production methods, Chaz has special challenges as a commentator, which he implements very well with us as a team.

His ability to analyse a truck race and emotionally comment on the highlights is outstanding. Chaz is very popular with fans and has a very good relationship with the drivers. We value him as a special team player.

- Pit Volger, Senior Program Manager, Wige Solutions

"Chaz's enthusiasm for motorsport is evident in his work. The excitement in his commentary is infectious.


He joins us in the paddock and makes a point of getting to know the drivers and their cars, who's who and who's doing what, so his commentary is relevant to the racers, not just names off a list.


We are so sad he can't be with us for all of our 2021 races - we will miss him."

- Roger Donnan, Sports Racing Car Club Secretary

"Chaz is an exemplary commentator, whose enthusiasm and knowledge make him a valuable asset to any team, project or series. He is a joy to work with and always brings a positive attitude, as well as a good sense of humour! I always look forward to collaborating together."

- Tom Brooks, Gran Turismo

"Chaz is easily one of the best sim racing commentators around, and his experience and talent shines through in every event. Other commentators love to work with Chaz and viewers love to listen to him, especially as his "Chaz-isms" never, ever disappoint."

- Michael Hamlet, The Sim Grid

"Chaz has been a key member of our team since we launched the Esports side of our business. The quality of his work as both a commentator and broadcaster is amazing, especially when running both sides, at times, single-handedly. Beyond that, his personality really shines through on broadcasts, especially when paired with a co-commentator and this helps to create an engaging, entertaining product."

- Alex Sedgwick, Euro NASCAR Driver / Vertex Sports Management

"We first worked with Chaz in 2019 at the Buckmore Park 24 Hour. He integrated himself with the team immediately, taking the role like a duck to water. We have since worked with him several times where he has entertained our audience, been reliable and very professional. We will certainly be working with Chaz again."

- Luke Austin, Alpha Live

"Chaz is nailing it at the moment! My friend and I tune in to the iRacing broadcasts just because of his commentary!"

- Oli Slade, Fiercely Forward

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