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Sim Racing Series

Since starting my brand as Chazlington in 2019, I have hosted a number of different sim racing series/championships. Below you will find each of them, with a link to their respective pages. (Retired series that no longer feature on this site will redirect to their YouTube playlists)


It all started with the Chazlington Touring Car Championship, which ran for two seasons using iRacing's Rallycross cars on short road courses. The racing was frantic but very entertaining, and I learned a lot about running a series and broadcasting.

The next idea came to life during the first COVID lockdown in 2020. Something I'd sat on for a long time - the idea of using old supertourer liveries on modern cars flourished into the British Boring Car Championship, which again ran for two seasons and included occasional visits from BTCC commentator David Addison.

During 2021, the CDM European Touring Car Championship ran, reviving a bit of nostalgia in the form of the Kia Optima GTS - a car that had been the closest thing to a decent touring car the iRacing service saw for over nearly 10 years. With the addition of more TCR cars to the roster, it is unlikely this championship will return to the Kia.

The latest solo effort of the bunch has been the CDM Boremula 1 World Championship - again using an "old car" on iRacing. The Formula Mazdas have been dressed up to look like the cars from the 1997 Formula One World Championship, with drivers being placed in the necessary replica teams based on their pace.

In early 2022, I joined forces with Sim Racing Magazine to bring their great community the SRM GT4 Challenge, which so far has been a big hit, with a second running on the cards and looking successful already, hitting capacity within a few days of opening up the entries.

After the success of Boremula 1, came the idea of running a championship that features the incredible Formula Renault 3.5 and, after a bit of promotion on the forums and in a couple of Discord servers, was exceeding 30 entries, only days after announcing.

More ideas are always being thought of and developed, with new championships just around the corner, so keep your eyes peeled and I hope to see you on one of my entry lists soon.

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