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Welcome to the CDM Speedway Superleague - a dirt oval racing series inspired by the world of Speedway motorbike racing, with rapid-fire heat racing containing only four competitors at a time.

The main focus of the championship will be on the Teams Competition, with drivers able to enter as a duo, going for joint honours. There is an individual competition, naturally, but the points towards Team Standings are to be seen as the primary goal. There are rules surrounding replacements for individual rounds, too, as the format of a race evening requires all 16 entrants to be present, for it to work.

A race event will be split up into effectively 9 races, with 8 four-lap heats being the body of it. Qualifying will start proceedings, with the sim organising drivers into four-car heats. Drivers will face the same opponents in both of their heats, with a reverse grid being applied for the second encounter. Points are scored in all races (3 for 1st, 2 for 2nd and 1 for 3rd) with the "second set" of races determining those that progress into the final. In said final, an additional point will be given for first place, to signify their triumph.

The Dirt Legends are fantastic fun to drive, with most laps being completed on full throttle, and only minor steering inputs used to influence the car - far removed from some of the more wild and chaotic dirt racing machines available on iRacing. Due to this, the series naturally caters for more inexperienced drivers just as well as seasoned dirt racers, giving them a stable platform to learn a new surface, with.

As with almost all Chaz Draycott Media iRacing series, there is only minimal stewarding and punishment for driving standards, coming into play when a driver has caused contact on multiple occasions in a single event. Due to the nature of dirt oval racing, contact is almost inevitable, but incidents are reviewed in the interests of fairness and enjoyment for all competitors involved.

Any information you may need on the championship - whether you're a spectator or a competitor - should be below. If you can't find what you're after, please feel free to contact me via email or social media.

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