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Video Editing

When I started out in sim racing I tended to just keep to myself. I eventually got involved in the British Sim Racers (BSR) community and - after showing a lot of enthusiasm - was given my own series to run - the BSR Kia Club Series!

After an inaugural, unbroadcasted first season, I decided to build up a bit of hype for the second instalment, so I created my first ever trailer, using the very basic Windows Movie Maker. It was very well-received and I got a lot of praise for what I'd made considering the limitations software-wise, so I decided to step it up a notch and invest in Sony VEGAS Pro, and since then I've made trailers and videos for all sorts using the iRacing platform and become a well-known source for dramatic and impactful content.

I'm delighted to say that as of April 2023 I've been brought on by GTPlanet as Lead Video Producer, supporting their website's editorial content in video form - an opportunity that I I'm so grateful for that I can't put it into words!

Below is a small selection of the videos I have made during my time video editing. They're a mix of trailers for iRacing Leagues - designed to build some hype before a championship, and draw in new competitors - vlogs of my ventures as a commentator - travelling to events and documenting what I get up to (excuse the language) - one of my more recent Gran Turismo 2 playthrough videos, and my first piece of work for GTPlanet.

Due to increasing commentary commitments and the work involved behind the scenes of that, my time for video editing is very limited. This not only means I may be unavailable for work if a short time frame is given, but the resources required are very specific. Please get in touch (via my Contact Page) in plenty of time if you're interested in having a video made.

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