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Commentary & Presenting

Commentary is my passion. As you'll see in my About Page, I grew up being treated to some of the best commentators to ever grace the airwaves - Murray Walker and Martin Brundle, Charlie Cox and John Watson being some prime examples. I thoroughly enjoyed the excitement that they brought to races and broadcasts they were associated with and - even from a young age - I always had an appreciation of how they emphasised things and knew exactly what to say with such accuracy and speed.

I always try to reflect a mixture of these aspects in my approach to commentary as well - learning driver names, getting pronunciation correct and ensuring I'm clear and precise in what I say, while also injecting some character into the wording and phrases I'm using. After all, I believe that if you sound like you're enjoying what you're commentating on and reflect that in your voice, the viewers and spectators will get some enjoyment out of it too.

I've been commentating since May 2018, where I made my debut on Apex Racing TV, covering the British Sim Racers MX-5 Pro Series on iRacing. Since then, 90% of my work has been on iRacing, whether it be for the aforementioned Apex Racing TV, Racespot TV, my own series or projects, or Simracersworld TV which I help manage the broadcasts for.


I began broadcasting as well as commentating on iRacing in February 2019, quickly gaining a reputation as one of the very best one-man shows in sim racing - my ability to multi-task in such a way is something I'm very proud of and gets a lot of praise on a weekly basis from viewers. It also means that any series or broadcasters looking to pay for commentary don't have to spend as much as they would for a two or even three-man team.

My first "real world" commentary was back in October 2018 - I got in touch with MSV about voluntarily shadowing a commentator at Oulton Park as I only live a few miles from there. I was placed in the box on the start/finish straight with Clyde Woodward for the BARC end-of-season meeting, where I was given the chance to commentate on the Junior Saloon Car Championship's two races that day and conduct driver interviews at the end of each.

Immediately after Race two I was greeted by two fathers of the drivers, complimenting my energy and style, describing me as a breath of fresh air - this was a real confidence boost coming from the world of sim racing where commentators are plentiful.

Since then I've commentated on numerous sim racing events and series as well as covering some real-world events too. These range from iRacing broadcasts I can do from my PC at home, to in-studio recording for Gran Turismo along side Tom Brooks and even on-stage work for F1 Esports at the British Grand Prix. I'll keep an updated list of events on this page below;

Real World Commentary

- 2021 Renault Sport Series Clio Cup Europe

- 2021 Creative Funding Solutions Sports 2000 Championships

- 2020 ADAC Total 24 Hours of the Nurburgring

- 2020 Creative Funding Solutions Sports 2000 Championships

- 2020 TCR UK / Dunlop Touring Car Trophy 

- 2020 Motorsport UK Kartmasters Grand Prix

- 2020 ADAC Formula 4 Germany

- 2020 Milltek Civic Cup

- 2020 Nankang Tyre BMW Compact Cup

- 2020 Fun Cup UK

- 2020 Caterham Academy Championship

- 2019 Buckmore Park 24 Hours

- F1 Esports Stage at the 2019 British Grand Prix

- 2018 Junior Saloon Car Championship

Gran Turismo

- 2020 Daikin ESS GT Cup

- FIA Certified Gran Turismo Championships - Top 16 Superstars

- FIA Certified Gran Turismo Championships - GR Supra GT Cup

- 2019 GTPlanet League


- 2021 iRacing 24 Hours of Daytona

- 2020 iRacing 24 Hours of Le Mans

- 2020 Virtual Belcar eSeries 24 Hours of Zolder

- Vertex Stock Car Cup

- Simracersworld® TCR Series

- Z1 Dashboard Simracersworld® TCR Winter Series

- Simracersworld® Formula 3 Series

- Scandinavian GT Series

- Sunday Drivers MX-5 Cup

- Apex Technologies LMP2 Championship

- Dynamixx Simracersworld® GT Series

- Porsche Club GB Sim Racing Championship

- Virtual Belcar eSeries

- World GT Championship

- British Sim Racers Touring Car Pro Series

- British Sim Racers MX-5 Pro Series

- British Sim Racers Simmortal Porsche Cup

- British Boring Car Championship

- Euro V8 Supercars Championship

- Ricmotech Sports Car Series

- Ricmotech World Challenge

Assetto Corsa / Assetto Corsa Competizione

- The Sim Grid 24 Hours of Spa 2020

- Coach Dave Academy Tournament Finals

- The Sim Grid Sprint Cup

- The Sim Grid Endurance Cup

- The Sim Grid World Cup

- The Sim Grid More Female Racers Series

- Virtual Fun Cup European Series

I'm always looking for more exciting opportunities to cover different series, preferring real-world racing over sim racing as that's where I would like to progress in my career. Please head over to my Contact Page if you wish to book me for any upcoming events or series.

Below is my 2021 Showreel that contains a variety of my sim racing and real-world motorsport work from 2020 and some commentary from January 2021.