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Chaz Draycott Media & Sneak

As some of you may have seen if you follow my social media channels, I'm now a proud affiliate of the energy drink brand, Sneak Energy.

I fit into a bit of a gamer stereotype with the fact that I love energy drinks and consume a lot of them. Often because I'm up late at night either gaming or working on media projects, despite an upcoming early start. I've always stuck to one brand more than others, but found that it left a rough feeling in my throat because of all the sugar.

I decided to give Sneak a go after seeing lots of adverts and enjoying the look and care-free feel of their branding, and instantly fell in love with some of the flavours - Raspberry Lemonade and Purple Storm in particular.

The most rewarding thing about the drinks isn't just the great taste, but the fact that there's no comedown, you don't feel absolutely wired or have the shakes, but you're still aware that you're energised and switched on, so you get the pros of an energy drink, without the usual cons.

I saw that they had a program for affiliates called Sneak Legion, where creators and personalities can team up with, and promote the brand in exchange for commission, rewards, discounted products for followers (at higher levels), and recognition from the brand as a media partner, as such. Less than a day after applying, I was in!

As such, if you buy any Sneak products through my affiliate link below, I receive commission and you help contribute towards me levelling up, which will eventually mean discount for you lovely followers of mine!

There's nothing about this post that I've been instructed to write or say - I just thought my website was a good, additional place to write about it. That and I'm very excited to be an affiliate for a brand as widely-noticed as Sneak! I'm sure there's plenty more to come as part of this partnership - let's see!


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