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New iRacing Series Coming to Chaz Draycott Media

Another unique idea for an iRacing series has been brewing in the back of my head for a while and in the later stages of 2023 I got a few drivers together to test formats for it, with a limited amount of success.

Doesn't sound like a positive start, but without getting too in-depth, the initial plan was thwarted by the inability to set very specific grids using iRacing's heat racing system. Otherwise, it looks to be fantastic fun!

I introduce to you, the Chaz Draycott Media Dirt Legends Speedway Superleague!

Inspired by the crazy dirt oval motorbike racing that is Speedway, the Dirt Legends Speedway Superleague follows a similar format to a Speedway Grand Prix, albeit with a focus on a teams championship before individual standings are considered.

Drivers will be separated into heats of four, where they will circulate for four laps, scoring points for first, second and third (3, 2 and 1 respectively). Later into the meeting, finishing positions determine those that make it through to the final, where 4, 2 and 1 points will be handed out after a five-lap jaunt.

It might sound a bit complex on the surface but the racing is quick-fire and fun, with heat after heat, all containing close battling and screaming little engines.

Sign ups will open via the usual page very soon with the season hoping to get started at the beginning of February for six weeks. The grid will be limited to 16 drivers for season 1 so make sure you get in quickly! All information can be found in the series rulebook.


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