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The 2020 VCO SIMMY Awards

So as some of you may have seen already (sorry for the spam), I've been nominated for a VCO SIMMY Award, in the Best Commentary Category with four other very talented presenters and commentators. I won't lie, I never realised that these awards were coming up as until very recently I've been very ignorant of Twitter so didn't see anything regarding the nomination stage. It was only when I received a message from fellow commentator and friend Kieran McGinley that I knew about it.

Every day since I've been so grateful for the fact that people were confident enough in me to put my name down, especially when you consider the level of talent that I'm up against in the category. What makes things easy for me to deal with is that I know three of the other commentators and would consider them as good friends.

Connery Maddick, who has covered a lot of iRacing World Championship series racing as well as a plethora of other leagues on Racespot TV is a strong candidate for the win, especially after the amount of work he's evidently put in this year.

Lewis McGlade is known for his vast amount of work on rFactor 2 broadcasts, not forgetting the 24 Hours of Le Mans Virtual this year, which was a mega show. He's a very passionate commentator and we recently became teammates as I joined Zansho Simsport.

Peter MacKay has burst onto the scene this year and we've commentated together many times over on Simracersworld TV, but elsewhere he's been getting his fingers in a lot of pies, sharing the incredible library of knowledge that he has hidden between his sideburns with viewers all over!

Unfortunately I don't know Jacob Hancox personally, but he seems to have a wealth of great experience not just in the sim racing arena, but League of Legends too, which grabs massive audiences from all over the world.

From my side it's been a successful year, most notably for being able to go full time with commentary and dedicate more time to doing what I love. I've covered more series than I can count and made a big jump into the real-world commentary scene too, even including a trip to Germany to be a part of the world feed for the Nurburgring 24 Hours!

When it comes to "who wins?", there's no knowing really. I have my own hunches on who is going to end up taking it, but there's a lot of factors to consider and I'm not sure on a few of them so it'll certainly be interesting.

It's not just about us commentators anyway - there's 10 other categories to look forward to! So make sure you tune in at 7pm GMT on Boxing Day and see who bags themself a wonderful VCO SIMMY Award!

...or even easier, I'll just pop the video down here!


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