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Eyeing Up a Full Campaign in the Sunday Drivers Cup for 2021

In November I was invited to take part in the final round of the 2020 Sunday Drivers Cup - a league I've commentated on for most of the year on Simracersworld TV. The series races using the Mazda MX-5 Cup Car and is filled with drivers of varying skill, just looking to go out and have some fun, with a schedule that doesn't demand weekly Practice from you.

The races tend to be every three weeks on Sunday nights - as the title implies - with the odd extra break to accommodate real-world events and reasons. Each race meeting is just one race that's around 25 Minutes long - plenty of time for drivers to get overworked and tyres to drop off.

The race I took part in just happened to be at my local circuit Oulton Park. I've done countless amounts of laps around there and part of me thought it would pay off. That was when I realised we were racing on a layout I'd never driven - let me just say that Oulton Park without chicanes sounds like an ultimate sin however, it's actually a real bag of laughs!

I ended up winning after an epic battle with Dan Mould of Simulation Racing Leagues - a League Race Win I'd waited nearly 5 years for... but having so much fun racing again really inspired me to pursue it so I spoke with Series Organiser Sander Waare and Ian Roots of Simracersworld TV to see if it would be possible for me to jump out of the commentary box and into the driving seat for the full season.

I'm pretty sure this article highlights my decision, but to confirm, the Zansho Simsport MX-5 Cup Car will return for 2021 on as many occasions as possible. As clarified with the series organiser, any real-world commentary that comes up will take priority, regardless of whether it keeps me from racing that week or not. One positive about the series is that they run their races later than a lot of other series, so I'll often be able to get back in time to race if I'm not too far down the road.

I'm super excited to be committing to a league on iRacing again after spending some time away from it - let's see what the little metallic blue Mazda can achieve shall we?


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