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A New Experience at Autosport International 2020

With a vast range of networking opportunities available to help boost my exposure in 2020, I'll be heading back to Birmingham's N.E.C. to attend Autosport International for the fourth time running. Over the last couple of years I've enjoyed the sights and sounds of the event, in the interests of getting a grasp on what was to come from the motorsport world for that year, and to revel in the beauty of days gone by and the machinery it brought with it.

Now things are slightly different - as I aim to make more of the event from a business perspective, broadening my horizons and extending my outreach - meaning that I'll be there on Friday the 10th of January, for my first experience of one of the two "Trade Days" on offer.

For anyone that doesn't know, the event takes place on Thursday and Friday for anyone involved in motorsport to discuss business, negotiate deals and purchases, and build their network and contacts for the upcoming season and those that follow. The show is open to the Public on Saturday and Sunday.

It's a very exciting prospect for me, and a completely new experience, so with that in mind I'll be happy to come away having made any slight progress towards a successful year. Whether that be a role as a commentator for an Esports Series, doing write-ups online for promotion, or involvement in real-world motorsport, I'm eager to see who I can meet and what I can achieve.

Some of you may know that I made a video when I attended in 2019 (which you can watch below), which was uploaded to my YouTube Channel. As it stands, there's nothing in the pipeline for me to do this again, but I will be there on the Saturday as well, just soaking up the event without having to worry too much about making connections and building up my profile.

If you're aiming to be there on the Friday or Saturday, and interested in meeting up, whether that be to talk business or just to have a general chat and enjoy the show, then please get in touch and we can try to arrange something.


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