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British Boring Car Championship Christmas Beach Party!

Nope, there isn't a typo in any of that title.

In two weeks time, The British Boring Car Championship is heading (virtually) to Daytona for its Christmas Party! A lot of series have gotten into the trend of having an "end-of-season Christmas bash" where they take on a mixture of cars or circuits (sometimes both) and just have fun - at the end of the day, that's what sim racing should always fall back on - it can be fun.

For this special event, we're sticking with the trusty VW Jetta TDI Cup that the drivers compete in, in their usual liveries, but with updated car numbers reflecting their finishing positions in the most recent season. We're also allowing drivers from Season 1 to jump in and mix it up again!

Mr. Simracersworld® himself, Ian Roots, has kindly proposed that the event is broadcast live on Simracersworld TV to reach a larger audience, instead of my channel where viewership barely scrapes 20 concurrents. I'm very grateful for this chance to promote the British Boring Car Championship wider than ever, as I have noticed (being blunt here) that it doesn't seem to get much outreach when weighed up with effort put in... but the drivers and viewers that it does get really enjoy themselves and that's what matters most!

Either way, the format is simple if you're mad like me.

First we race on a really short "road course" (as the Americans like to call it) - Daytona's short infield circuit.

Then, we head to the oval around the outside of it - Daytona's legendary oval circuit, which - thanks to the magic of sim racing - will be the old one. Yeah, the really bumpy one.

After that, things get a bit more ridiculous and we head down the road (virtually) while staying in Florida and race on a dirt oval. Yep. No typos there, either.

Then to wind down and have a calm final hour or so, we have a full blown Rallycross Race Meeting.

Simple, right?

Anyway, keep an eye on my social media channels as ever for the broadcasts and any further info on this - it's bound to be a real laugh and I hope that a lot of you will come and watch the undoubted mayhem unfold!


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