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"Boring Cars" and Boremula 1 Returning in 2023!

Yes I've finally caved.

For a while now, people have been asking for another season of the CDM Boremula 1 World Championship, and for even longer, people have been asking for another running of the British Boring Car Championship, and it brings me great pleasure to tell you that both of them will return to your screens in 2023!

There's some details I still can't release ahead of time as I wait for my commentary work for 2023 to be announced, but there are format changes and improvements that I can certainly explain ahead of time.

British Boring Car Championship

There will be a more sporadic mix of cars on the grid from different years of supertouring, retaining all of the liveries you've seen before, but with larger grids (with the limit increased from 16 to 24), it'll be even more fun.

The format will be changed slightly, ditching the "Sprint and Feature" format we had before, with Qualifying results being immediately reversed - instead, drivers will now have two 20-minute sprint races to complete on a race night, with the Top 12 reversed for the Race 2 grid. The points system has been kept tight so drivers will not disappear into the distance after one good round.

The calendar is the usual blend of excellent British circuits, with a number of them hosting two rounds, using differing layouts, and with the addition of Knockhill to the iRacing service since the last time the championship ran, you can bet your bottom dollar (or Scottish pounds) we'll be travelling north of the border and visiting the absolute gem that it is, as well.

Hopefully the championship can retain the great banter and atmosphere it had in the first two seasons, while providing great, nostalgic entertainment to those watching!

CDM Boremula 1 World Championship The series will make the step from replicating the 1997 FIA Formula One World Championship to instead mimicking the 1998 season. This means that a number of liveries will be changed, updated and fettled with, giving drivers and viewers a totally different field of beautiful cars to look at, while still enjoying the same, bonkers racing.

There will be the same pre-season testing process where drivers compete in 3x 30-minute Qualifying sessions, scoring points in a mini-series that seeds them into the necessary cars for the championship ahead. This will not take into consideration anybody's finishing positions from the first Boremula 1 World Championship.

The setups and fuel limitations will be kept the same, but the races will be made longer by 25km, meaning 5 more laps in most cases and a wider spread in how many laps each round has. This change has been made to add further elements to the race, make sure that Qualifying doesn't last longer than the race itself, and give drivers more running time.

Both championships will run on the same points system, which has been streamlined to make the competition closer all season long - nobody will be as easily able to run away with it in the early stages.

Dates and other specifics are yet to be completely finalised, but I'm delighted to finally share this news with you, as I've been working on it for a long time, trying to make it all fit amongst other schedules and consider the work load that goes into making both of them happen, even after the initial "setting up" of both for their inaugural seasons.

Keep your eyes on my website and the Chaz Draycott Media Discord Server for further information, announcements and build-up on these two wonderful championships. I look forward to seeing you on the grid.

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What a fantastic idea

Formula 1 has become this for me DRS 🥱 so lets get bored 😐 with a laff and get those rose tint glasses 🤓 on 👍👍👍

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