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British Boring Car Championship Drivers Market Updates

Drivers Market has officially opened in the British Boring Car Championship and below you will find the latest updates on who is staying put and who is leaving between seasons, with the newest info at the top.

21/08 All Season 1 Drivers Locked In!

After initial responses from the Drivers in Season 1, we have four drivers leaving, six staying put and six coming back next season in different colours! We wave goodbye to Champion Dennis Melchert, Runner-up Dave Waldoch, Fraser Smith and Independent Chris Coghlan, wishing them all the best for the future.

Back in the current Boring Cars paddock though, no longer than half an hour from the Team Application Form going live, the six drivers looking to switch teams had the form filled in and before long everything was sorted with very little negotiation needed - that was nice and easy!

Now the time has come to prepare for Public Entries to open for the remaining 8 slots on the grid, followed by a livestream of the random draw to see who they'll drive for and to reveal the final driver and team line-up! Keep an eye out for future announcements!

21/08 Crowther stays with Dodgy MOT

The last confirmed driver to keep their spot for Season 2 is Niall Crowther. 10th in the Drivers Championship and 4th in the Teams was a great first showing for Niall who went into the series unsure of his pace and consistency, but clever use of the Feature Race reverse grids and some strong defending kept him fighting with the big boys. His teammate for the second season will soon be determined but either way they're going to have a consistent points scorer along side them in the form of Niall.

With only six drivers staying put, it's bound to be a frantic Drivers Market Application process now!

20/08 Two Potential Title Contenders Staying Put for Season 2!

Michael Blake and Tom Jacobs have both made clear their intentions to stay on at their respective teams for Season 2 of the British Boring Car Championship. Blake formed half of the title-winning MightJustFit team in Season 1 and hopes for more Feature Race luck this time around, with his eyes set on the overall title, or at least another Teams Championship, while Jacobs hopes for overall glory too. After missing a meeting at Donington and also having rotten luck in Feature races with traffic and pit stop penalties, 4th place showed how quick he could be.

The pair of them will certainly be ones to watch for the title going into Season 2 and the added excitement of not yet knowing who they're teamed up with just adds to it.

19/08 Lundgren to stay at Ericsson Hit Us

Being teammate of eventual Champion Dennis Melchert, Rob Lundgren had a lot of work on his hands in Season 1 to try and stand out but he certainly did so - most notably at Snetterton, bagging 5th on the grid in the dying moments. He treated us to some great battles throughout the championship and proved himself a worthy opponent of any driver trying to get one over on him.

He eagerly awaits his new teammate for Season 2 and the challenge ahead.

18/08 Season 1 Runner Up Waldoch leaves the Championship

Dave Waldoch has made the decision to leave the British Boring Car Championship ahead of Season 2 due to other commitments elsewhere. After a great fight all season with Dennis Melchert, he took the championship lead and held his ground until a very unlucky final meeting put pay to his chances. He still walks away as part of the reigning champions from a team perspective with MightJustFit teammate Michael Blake.

The series and everyone involved wishes him the best in the future.

17/08 Smith waves goodbye to the British Boring Car Championship

Fraser Smith joined the championship part-way through Season 1, replacing the outgoing Jack Werrell at Nodafone. He instantly made his mark, Qualifying on Pole Position at Snetterton, becoming the first driver other than eventual Champion Dennis Melchert to snag the front spot on the grid.

We wish Fraser all the best as he leaves to race in the Apex Racing League Touring Car Championship.

16/08 Robb to stay with Team Jane Fonda in Season 2!

Derek Robb impressed all with his consistent point-scoring in Season 1, after a not-so straightforward pre-season testing campaign left everyone unsure of his pace. He helped bring his team home ahead of Team Netcode in the Teams Championship and bagged himself 9th in the standings after a promising second half of the season.

Three podium finishes in the middle of the season proved that he is capable of good results and he'll be aiming for his maiden win next time out!

15/08 Team Netcode Retain Jacolette for Season 2!

After a shaky start to Season 1, Carl Jacolette found his form in the second half and started bagging more consistent points finishes after spending a lot of the championship with one sole point. At the conclusion of the series' first running he ended up 15th with 12 points to his name.

He has confirmed that he'll stay on with Team Netcode for Season 2 in the hope that he can continue where he left off and see himself finish higher up the standings.

14/08 Drivers Market is now OPEN!

The drivers have been given the links to the website and the forms. All they need to do now is check the Rulebook, get the forms filled in and we'll see what potential driver changes could be made for Season 2! Keep an eye out here for updates.

11/08 Some Drivers Drop Hints on Their Plans

During the last official Practice Session of the season, some drivers made clear their plans to form teams going into Season 2 of the Championship. Josh Rayfield naming another driver that he would like to team up with in the next running of the series. The possibility of drivers leaving teams to try and join others, only to be unsuccessful and end up with someone else, could catch plenty of them out, leading to a tense and frenetic Season 2.

06/08 Driver's Market Nears Opening Time

It's almost time for the crazy game of musical chairs to begin - at this stage it's not really known how many drivers will give up their seats in the hope to move elsewhere, but either way it's bound to be an exciting series of developments that adds some great build-up to the season ahead.


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