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Chazlington Back on Comms for BSR MX-5s

It's been a week of mixed news behind the scenes, regarding the upcoming Winter Series - a short "mini season" which will see drivers from the year-long BSR MX-5 Pro Series round up their year. Things are due to get under way tomorrow (10th December 2019) and the championship has been in limbo when it comes to which channel will be broadcasting proceedings.

After a surprise parting with long-time provider Apex Racing TV, it was unclear where things were headed for coverage, going forward. Before long, I was approached by Graeme Cessford of YearOne Racing, who had taken the reigns with newly-founded channel YearOne Racing TV, and negotiations were kickstarted to try and secure a deal to bring me in as commentator.

To be commentating on the series that started my career for another broadcaster seemed very alien to me at first, but after consulting Apex Racing TV on the matter, and making my intentions clear, everything is confirmed and ready to go. I will be solo commentating the majority of the series, covering each round except for the final two, due to other commitments already in place.

It's exciting to be adding another broadcaster to the list of companies I've worked with, and learning a new piece of software, and I'm flattered and grateful for Graeme and the team giving me the opportunity. Make sure you tune in on Tuesday nights from 8pm UK-time on YouTube, to catch the action and see how this new partnership works.


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