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CDM ETCC Season 2 Entries Open NOW!

Entries for the second season of the CDM European Touring Car Championship are now open! If you haven't read the announcement regarding the series' return and the changes since the first iteration, then you can get up to speed by doing so, here.

In short, the championship has moved from a "Sprint Race / Feature Race" format with the Kia Optima GTS - as loveable and barmy as it was - to an almost rallycross-like heat racing system using the current list of TCR cars available on iRacing.

Now that the TCR category has gotten much more traction on iRacing, with the addition of the two Hyundais - the Elantra and Veloster - and Honda Civic, the Audi is no longer alone and being used as a one-make-racing pony... that being said, it's not being treated like the loyal steed that it should be, considering recent balance of performance outcomes...

There is a rule in place to stop it becoming a one-make affair though, with success ballast applied to all entries driving a specific model of car if they exceed a certain number of entries in the field.

Either way, it's bound to be an exciting championship and I hope to see you on the circuit, door-to-door in one of the most exciting forms of racing there is. I believe - combined with the format of the race meetings - it'll be phenomenal fun, if not a bit full-on at times.

You can study the rulebook for the championship here and sign up here. Just make sure you select "CDM European Touring Car Championship (Season 2) when doing so.

If there are any questions, feel free to join the Chaz Draycott Media Discord server, and ask away in the iRacing channel.


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