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Chazlington Media Makes First Appearance as Sim Racing Team

While the Chazlington logo has appeared on many a car in sim racing, usually as a partner of a team, it's never been in the title of a team or appeared as the primary subject of a livery... until now.

As some of the admins and team that brought you the World GT Championship - along with some more members of CQR Club - are now running the World NASCAR Sprint Championship, there has been an aim to not have a multitude of CQR-based teams on the grid, as has been the case in numerous other leagues.

Due to this, I'm pleased to announce Chazlington Media as a two-car team, with two very good friends and well-accomplished drivers on board - Dan McAuley, who has a countless record of karting wins and vast career including two Top 20 finishes in the X30 World Finals, and Ben Palmer - double Michelin Clio Cup Champion, and 2019 MINI Challenge Rookie Runner Up.

The cars are adorned with two examples of what are becoming my usual designs - split liveries. On Ben's car, the right hand side carries his logo with a sharp design against a matte black base, and on Dan's car, the left hand side shows a scheme based on his karting helmet design.

The series - which takes place on Tuesday nights, starting from tonight - is mainly for fun, with a lot of drivers who have raced against each other on iRacing for years, looking to venture into oval racing while still keeping the enjoyment factor in the mix. There isn't any broadcast for the first season, but I will try to provide updates where available.

For now, I'm really looking forward to how the guys get on and hoping that the Chazlington name has a good run in its first (and probably last, due to the impending rebrand) appearance in a Sim racing series. Here's a couple more pictures from the shakedown Dan and Ben did;


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