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Entries Open Now for Sim Racing Magazine GT4 Challenge Season 2!

After a successful, entertaining and thoroughly enjoyable first season, it's time to do it all again as the Sim Racing Magazine GT4 Challenge returns, and entries are open as of right now, so if you want to reserve your spot on the grid, it's time to get signed up!

You can read the rulebook here, and sign up via the "Enter A Championship" page on the Chaz Draycott Media website, but hurry, with only 30 initial spots available, they'll go quickly!

If you are looking to compete, please make sure you join the Sim Racing Magazine Discord Server and get involved with the great banter and positive vibes that come with the league.

There are a number of key changes to note, especially if you participated in the first inaugural running of the championship, and are interested in making a return - let's go through them.

Entry Fee

A mandatory £10 entry fee has been brought in to not only further solidify driver commitment, but take pressure off of those working hard to find sponsorship money. We believe this is a fair amount to cover the work that goes in behind the scenes, and equates to only £1 per night of racing.

New Car!

The Mercedes AMG GT4 has been added to the available roster of cars to choose from.

Shorter, Quick-Fire Calendar

This season will consist of 10 Race Meetings as opposed to the 12 that we saw in Season 1. Most of the races will be weekly, with a mid-season break for Christmas and New Year.

New Circuits on the Calendar!

To keep some of the racing fresh, the Red Bull Ring and Hungaroring will both be receiving visits from the championship in Season 2! Gone are Zolder, Nurburgring GP, Zandvoort and Imola.

Revised Points System! After it seemed easy for there to be a big divide in the points standings during Season 1, the points system has been revised, giving only 25 points for a win now as opposed to the 50 from Season 1, and only 1 extra point per position all the way up to 5th place, where drivers will score 15 points - only 10 less than the race winner. During Season 1, the difference between those two positions would've been 25.

The Top 5 will score 25, 22, 20, 18 and 16. Pole Position in Qualifying will still earn drivers a singular point.

Shorter Qualifying Sessions

Some the first season's Qualifying sessions felt too long, for drivers and viewers alike, and even when they were shortened to 20 minutes, the consensus remained the same, so for better viewing, and a more pressurising environment for drivers, Qualifying now only lasts 15 minutes.

Differing Lighting Conditions

Alternating for each round, some races will start in full daylight and head towards a late afternoon setting, with the sun going down, while others will start later in the day, and finish in complete darkness.

We hope to see you on our grids and screens very soon, and of course, if you have any questions, head over to the Discord server and ask away - there's a lot of people that'll be happy to help you out.


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