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European Commentary on the Menu for 2021

Over the last few weeks I've filled a number of dates on my Calendar for commentary gigs in across the UK 2021 covering a variety of different meetings, which has been very rewarding and almost a relief after expecting a tough campaign over the coming months.

While the COVID outbreak is still very much upon us, we're all better equipped to deal with it now I feel, and in recent weeks it's started to look more and more likely that we'll "get back to normal" as every man and his dog are saying. In just the last week I've had a couple of chats with David Addison (who'd orchestrated the aforementioned UK dates as well) about a series that could potentially require a commentator - we discussed dates etc. and despite a few clashes it looked good

I was concerned about letting people down as I'd have to cancel a few prior arrangements, but honestly the support, understanding and professionalism of those that I've had to either cancel on or rearrange with, has been second to none, so first off thanks and apologies to those who I've spoken to.

Anyway, this is an enormous step in my career, after being a commentator for less than three years - I still can't quite believe it but here I am writing about it, so here goes the TLDR...

I've been confirmed as the Series Commentator for the 2021 Clio Cup Europe - I'll be commentating at the circuit and on live broadcasts for each round, which means trips to France, Spain, Italy, Germany, Austria and even Hungary!

I've watched Clio racing for as long as I can remember, and especially enjoying their intense battles as a support category for the British Touring Car Championship in 2000. Since then it's always been entertaining to watch, so to get the chance to watch more of it - let alone commentate on it - will be fantastic.

I'll be visiting circuits I've only ever seen in games or on TV - Imola, Hungaroring and Hockenheim to name a few - getting as involved as humanly possible, while doing the job I love. I hate the cliche but it really is a dream come true. I spoke to my Mum this morning who mentioned my old ways of drawing race tracks in marker pen on the plain back of some wallpaper, and commentating on my toy cars as I raced them - what a long way things have come. Even in the last three years!

You can find out more about the series and its launch via this article;

I have to give a huge thanks to Beth, my wonderful partner who has been incredibly supportive throughout, especially since September last year when I left my job to follow my dream, and of course to David who - in all honesty - has changed not only my year, but my career as well.

I'm really looking forward to starting the campaign at Nogaro in France on the Easter Weekend and will do my best to document my travels while I'm out and about.

Thanks also to everyone who supports my ventures via my social media platforms too - I've made so many great friends through all of this and I can't wait to make some more!

Let's go!

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