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Grid Spaces Limited for Formula Renault 3.5 Championship!

In the interests of driver enjoyment and the championship's overall ethos of fun, spaces have been capped at 36 entries for the upcoming CDM Formula Renault 3.5 Championship.

The interest this championship has generated has come completely out of the blue, with 30 drivers signing up in a matter of days, despite initial concern that a grid of just 10 cars would be difficult to reach.

There will be a reserve list in place, as drivers have to pay their entry fees before the 29th of November to guarantee a slot and - full disclosure - there's still a lot of payments outstanding at this moment in time, so if you are interested, it's worth signing up at this stage, because you could very quickly end up on the grid if just one person misses the deadline.

In addition to this, the points system has been changed to provide a couple more finishing positions with the opportunity of scoring. Before, first place would score 10 points, with each position below getting 1 point less each time. Now, first place will earn you 15 points, still with 1 point less per position below that.

The reverse grid has been increased from 10 to 15 positions as well, meaning that the entire point-scoring segment of Race 1 gets flipped on its head for the second encounter.

Again, I want to express my gratitude to the community of iRacing that has come to race this amazing car in a championship that was put together for fun - something to do over winter. It's heart-warming to see from my side, and I sincerely hope everyone that's signed up so far, enjoys themselves.


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