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Chazlington becomes LuxSim24 Brand Ambassador

As part of my plan for Autosport International 2020, I aimed to meet up with Rob Pearson - the owner of LuxSim24 - after I'd been put in contact by a friend in the sim racing world. Rob had expressed interest in speaking to me before, so Autosport seemed like the perfect place, however, I had no clue what we would discuss.

After a lengthy meeting, I was very pleased to hear that the Chazlington Touring Car Championship was what put me on Rob and his colleague Ant's radar, as their pre-existing Brand Ambassador, NASCAR Whelen Euro Series driver Ben Creanor had been competing in it.

We had plenty to discuss, and it appeared that between the three of us we had very similar interests, spanning from aviation to sci-fi films. There are some very exciting ideas and projects in the pipeline that you will hopefully see in due course - it's just a case of careful planning and execution.

Away from these ideas though, out of the blue came the offer to join them as Brand Ambassador for the foreseeable future. I was (and still am) in utter shock, but filled with gratitude that they would choose me to be a part of the company and it's growth.

If you haven't seen what LuxSim24 do, then go and check out their website. The rigs themselves are very impressive - the aluminum frames look a lot prettier than most sim rigs you can get these days, especially with a splash of colour thrown in. Add in the motion actuators and you've got a very serious bit of kit.

The guys they have onboard are very intelligent people, with a great level of initiative between them, and a drive to make LuxSim24 a success. It's a great opportunity for me to add to that, and help share the exposure for both brands as our journey goes on.

It's certainly going to be an exciting year ahead, and I really look forward to working with the guys on some projects, and maybe at some Motorsport events. Of course, I have to thank everyone that has supported me in what I do, to keep going and get to this point - it wouldn't happen without you.


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