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More UK Circuit Commentary in 2021

Getting my first real-world series to commentate on in 2020 was a massive step in the right direction for my career, especially in a year that developed so much uncertainty - it was pretty scary in all honesty, and 2021 has been similar. Come the start of the year, there were still spikes in cases of COVID-19 and more air filled in unpredictability in what the motorsport world could do.

Towards the end of 2020 my diary started to fill up more and more with circuit commentary and some broadcasted club meetings - all of which were very exciting and introduced me to a number of commentators, producers, drivers and teams, while getting used to the varying commentary positions around the country. It was the start of me being able to do exactly what I'd wanted to, my whole life.

I'm delighted and gratfeul to say that I haven't had to wait until July this year, to be asked to cover a plethora of UK events throughout the season - 13 race weekends at the time of writing this. Multiple series and racing circuits are on the agenda, ranging from Silverstone to Mallory Park, and classic sports cars to trucks! Of course, these dates and arrangements could still change - we're certainly not out of the woods yet, but still being just inside my third year of commentary - my second in real-world coverage - I feel I'm on a good path to continue this rise.

There will be more specific posts about the events I'm covering as they get closer, giving details on where and when. You can never be too sure in the current climate but I must say that the strength and determination of everyone in the motorsport world to "get back to normal" has been inspiring, not only at the start of 2021, but for the last 12 months.

I'm in a very fortunate position with what I do - not only to be travelling the UK visiting some of its most glorious venues (despite not once commentating at my local Oulton Park for the last three years) but to be going on a European adventure as well, with the full support of those around me, and people in the industry.

Keep an eye out on my social media channels for more frequent updates!


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