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Chazlington to Commentate on Motorsport UK Karting Esports Championship for Alpha Live

I'm a bit late to the party with this post admittedly, especially considering that on Friday morning I was live on camera, discussing the very series I'm writing about now. Either way, I'm super excited to tell you all that I'm going to be commentating on the Motorsport UK Karting Esports Championship alongside a good friend of mine - Chris McCarthy.

I've been approached by the ever-brilliant Alpha Live to cover the event and can't wait to get things underway, especially after Friday's Qualifying Results show! I worked with Alpha Live at the Buckmore Park 24 Hours in 2019 and have been itching to commentate for them since then so I'm very grateful to have been given the chance to work on such a high-profile series.

As explained on Friday, there are three classes for all of the entrants - Under 12-year-olds, Motorsport UK Class for anyone over 12 and the Open Class for all to enter - the first two of which must hold a Motorsport UK Licence to get in. There has been a massive amount of entries so far - just under 400 combined - and the times between everyone in Qualifying were ridiculously close - in most cases coming down to ten thousandths (four decimal places) of a second!

The Semi Finals will take place at GYG with the classes split into groups of 20. There will be two groups in the Under 12s class and three groups in each of the others. The Top 9 of each Under 12s race will progress and Top 6 in the Motorsport UK and Open classes will go through. They will then be entered into the final at PFI on Thursday the 16th of April.

As I've said, I can't wait to get this underway properly. The reception for the series has been great, the amount of entries has been massive and it's great to have been chosen to call the shots for you all - especially with a broadcaster as professional and experienced as Alpha Live and a fellow commentator who knows the karting scene so well!


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