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My First Big Hosting Gig of 2023!

I never really "announced it" as such, but in January I joined the impressive roster of amazing commentators and presenters on LoudSpeaker Agency's books - something I'm really proud of and hope will give my career the propulsion I would like it to have. They were responsible for me being the commentator at CarFest North last year, and have also helped nail down the virtual version of the Goodyear FIA European Truck Racing Championship commentary job as well - it's excellent!

While commentary is my forte and primary role when it comes to my business, I've always wanted to do presenting work as well, whether that be to camera or on-stage. That brings me to the announcement - the reason I'm writing this post.

LoudSpeaker have pulled it out of the bag again, and I have to thank Gemma and Louise for their awesome work, which has resulted in yours truly being picked to host the 2023 Race Retro show, for which Reis Motorsport Insurance will be the title sponsor. Race Retro is a fantastic event that really showcases some of the finest racing machines from years gone by, includes an outdoor rally stage, countless exhibits and a line-up of great motorsport personalities.

This year's line-up includes the incredible Louise Aitken-Walker MBE - the first woman to win a national rally outright, and first ever British driver to win the FIA Ladies World Rally Championship, David Llewellin and his son Tom, who have won multiple Rally Championships between them, and even some of the top people at BRM! However, without meaning any disrespect to anyone on the remarkable list, there's one person that's stood out to me since being told about it.

Ever since I can remember watching motorsport, Jason Plato is probably the only driver that's been a permanent fixture on TV screens, racing graphics, images - everything before me - and now I'm going to be interviewing him multiple times over the three-day event. He's had a glistening career that's made for an incredibly entertaining book and audiobook, so there won't be any shortage of things to talk about and stories to tell.

It's going to be fantastic fun, and I'm really pleased to be doing some more presenting work, especially at such a big deal of an event! Thanks to LoudSpeaker Agency and everyone who supports me - hopefully this will be the first step torwards 2023 being another great year!

Images © Race Retro and Motorsport Images


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