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My First Real-world Endurance Race Commentary

For the first time in my commentary career I've got the chance to call the shots on a real-world Endurance race - these events require a different style of comms work compared to the usual sprint racing I've covered so far in the short time I've been commentating. The drivers have to take a different approach too and make sure that they get the car to the end before anything else - let's face it, 24 hours of racing is very demanding on car and driver!

The very unique event I've been given the opportunity to commentate on is the BARC Citroen 2CV 24 Hours of Snetterton! Yes, really!

If you haven't heard of this event or even this series before, you need to have a look. On the surface, the cars may not be the most exciting or traditional machines you've seen take to the track, but as with a lot of - for lack of a better word - "slower" machinery, the racing produced is absolutely wonderful as drivers get more time to think about what they're doing.

I'll be in the box with Richard Scherer, Lewis Beales and Gary James, on the mic during the later night stint, finishing at midnight then being back on duty at 6am. I've done a late-night shift before in the sim racing world, covering the 2020 iRacing 24 Hours of Le Mans on Racespot, where I started at 2:45am and finished at 8:45am - that was tough but the hours contributed a lot to that, while the break between midnight and 6am on this occasion will be a lot more familiar to me.

I'm very grateful for the chance and would like to thank Chris McCarthy who got in touch to get me on board as he was unavailable for the event. There will be a live stream for the event that I will share links for on my social media and I'll be live on TSL Timing during my shifts on the mic so make sure you tune in!

Image © Adam Lines

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Nicholas Beltran
Nicholas Beltran
Sep 26, 2022

Thank you for writiing this

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