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Spontex CDM Esports - A Bit of Fun

As mentioned in my previous blog post, I'm not necessarily looking to drive in a sim racing team after leaving Zansho Simsport, as I barely ever do any driving, but I've always enjoyed creating liveries, brands and playing around with car designs, so amittedly I knew it wasn't going to be long before I'd come up with something, just in case I ever do race in anything.

Our household has an obsession with Hedgehogs (yes, this is related) and one day we came to notice a logo in a supermarket with a Hedgehog on it - Spontex. A long-standing cleaning products brand.

I figured that the red and blue logo would look good on a race car, and started coming up with ideas on how to use it, maybe to release a couple of liveries on Trading Paints - with their permission of course - as I han't really submitted any work for years, on there, despite my love of making liveries.

Eventually though, after a few emails back and forth with their press and media department, the use of their logo, the liveries, and even the team name Spontex CDM Esports has been signed off, so here it is...

It's not a serious team or anything - literally just a bunch of liveries that I'll be running, and potentially asking others to run if they're in series I commentate on, or simply enjoy. The liveries also sport the logos of other brands that have supported me and continue to do so - Abruzzi Racewear, Vertex VIP, Simmortal, NEVO and Sim Racing Magazine - for all of which, I'm very grateful.

You never know, you might see the little Hedgehog logo in an iRacing Special Event some time. I just wanted to show you what I'd come up with, and how it had developed beyond what I'd expected.

Have a great weekend everyone.


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