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Chazlington to Cover Simracersworld™ Formula 3 Series

After plenty of positive reviews and comments surrounding the Tuesday night Simracersworld™ TCR Series broadcasts, I'm very pleased to have been invited to also cover the Formula 3 Series, run by the same organisation. It will be my first time broadcasting on open-wheel racing, which will be set far apart from the tin-top door-to-door touring car action we know and love.

Drivers have to be a lot more methodical and careful with their moves in this category, while also having some ruthlessness about them to commit to moves and not cause incidents - as we all know in open-wheel racing, the slightest bit of contact can be race-ending for everyone involved, with cars often being separated by the slightest of margins.

The Championship's inaugural running will be contested over six race meetings, spanning twelve weeks in total. There will be one week breaks in between each meeting, just to spread the action out a bit. Each meeting will contain two races - the first being around 20 minutes with the second being around 30. They're determined by laps rather than a timer, so drivers will know exactly how many chances they have left to make their moves.

I'm very excited to get things under way this week, and as always grateful to everyone at Simracersworld™ for getting me involved, and showing such great support for my work. The TCR Series broadcasts have been great fun so far, and I'm sure this new series will be just the same, especially with the amount of talent in the Simracersworld™ community.

As always, they'll be broadcasted on Thursday nights, on the SimracersworldTV YouTube Channel, here;

Images courtesy of iRacing


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