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The Website Heads Towards Completion

After setting up way back in February 2019, the Chazlington website has finally made some big strides towards completion. There was much umming and ahhing over where to host it and how to lay it out, and earlier in the year, I found myself frustrated by the limitations of WordPress and the company I chose to set the domain up with. After eventually (admittedly) throwing my toys out the pram I gave up on the idea for a while, looking to expand my outreach through my work, and get some good gigs under my belt, before returning... and now, here we are - WiX.

The customisation WiX provides via their blank templates has really helped me mould things to how I want, and I hope (once finished) the layout of everything is easy to navigate and not any sort of an eye-sore.

It will be used to Document my adventures through the world of Motorsport, whether that be attending events as a spectator or guest, or working at them as a commentator or representative of some sort.

This post is initially being used as a test, but I'm very sure that the quality of content will just improve as time goes on, so here's to the new website, and the future of Chazlington!


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