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Boremula 1 Roars Into Life

After creating the trailer and working on promotional content, liveries, Discord server, website segment and all sorts, I still didn't expect much interest in the CDM Boremula 1 World Championship, as it was an old car on iRacing that didn't really get driven any more, and the whole idea of having teams set for you and not racing under your own brand doesn't really appeal to people it seems.


Entries for the championship opened at 12:00pm noon on the 9th of December (a strange time to do it, I know) and 9 minutes later, we had reached a capacity grid of 24 entries!

We even had 11 entries less than one minute in!

The reserve list, for those who missed out on the original 24 spots, then grew to an impressive 11 drivers in less than a week, so fingers crossed that participation this year will be strong. After all, with a race every three weeks and only one race per night, there's not much chance to come back from a no-show!

The grid so far is a mix of great friends I've made through my time in sim racing so far, old teammates and drivers from series that I've commentated on in the past, so it should be fantastic to see them come together to provide the racing we all want to see.

The very first Practice session of the season was held yesterday (16th December) evening to give drivers somewhere to get time behind the wheel and compare laps. The results of that session are below;

If you're interested in entering Boremula 1 or just wondering where you can watch it, then check out the Boremula 1 Page on my website, or why not join the Discord server? You can always sign up to be on the reserve list in case drivers drop out, and may get to race later on in the season.

More sessions are being planned before pre-season testing gets under way in late January, so as long as you're on the list, you could still get out on track with the other drivers to see what you've got, and how you stack up against the competition.


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