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Buckmore Park 24 Hours Dream Team Returns

Earlier today it was announced on Buckmore Park's Facebook Page that I will be making my return to commentary duties for the annual Buckmore Park 24 Hours! On top of that, it's confirmed that I'll be joined by the excellent Anthony Jordan, as well as Kieran McGinley on the mic with the broadcast being produced by Alpha Live - the retention of last year's line-up being a solid example of "if it ain't broke, don't fix it".

2019 was the inaugural running of the endurance event, with a lot riding its success. Three of the main factors that determined whether there would be a second running included noise from the circuit - which would need to be low enough through the night to gain council approval, the enjoyment from all of the drivers and teams taking part, and of course the success of the broadcast.

The general consensus among drivers and teams was that the event was a lot of fun as well as being very competitive. There was a great mixture of teams, consisting of seasoned pros, beginners, racing fans, and even a bunch of guys on a stag do! As for the noise, there were no complaints throughout the entire event - including the overnight stints - which would lead to the council being happy to give Buckmore Park the nod to run the event in years to come.

The broadcast was well received by those watching live on YouTube, and even drivers and spectators at the circuit who fancied tuning in. Anthony and I got on very well and had a heck of a lot of fun calling the shots. We had the chance to interview some drivers at points during the race, including Jimmy Broadbent, Steve Brown (SuperGT) and Tom Bellingham, and made sure that we kept a strong balance of professionalism and fun in our approach. Even #CRONCHTime went down well with the majority (if you don't know about that, Anthony gave a very accurate description during another 24-hour race he was commentating on, here).

I'm very pleased and grateful for Buckmore Park inviting us back - especially to Matt Rogers for sorting it all out - and can't wait to get down to business. Anthony was great to work with last year, so it's good to have been partnered with him again and I hope that our ever-growing relationship reflects well on stream. If our recent filming day at the circuit (which you'll see the results of, on stream!) is anything to go by, it's bound to be a lot of fun!

See you all on-screen on the 4th of April!


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