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Exciting Things Coming with Sim Racing Magazine

Moving into winter, after the completion of Season 3 of the Sim Racing Magazine GT4 Challenge, there's still plenty of racing to come.

Apex Racing Academy McLaren 570S GT4

First off, there will be a special event on Tuesday the 10th of October 2023 - the Sim Racing Magazine Course au Mans! A 2.4 Hour race around Circuit de La Sarthe with modern day hypercars, LMP2s and GTEs. Drivers can either be solo, or in pairs, sharing cars like they did at the Daytona Classic earlier this year.

Sim Racing Magazine's last few endurance events have been real crackers and received great praise from drivers and viewers alike, so let's go again shall we?

The rulebook for the event is below (Please note there may be changes ahead of the event), with entries opening early (19:00BST on Tuesday the 19th of September) for those who drove or were reserves for Season 3 of the Sim Racing Magazine GT4 Challenge, and those who previously raced in any Sim Racing Magazine special event.

A week after the Course au Mans, on Tuesday the 17th of October, we will start something that will hopefully become an annual occurrence for the Sim Racing Magazine community - the GT4 Winter Tour! Intended to be a lesser GT4 Challenge that takes place for a bit of fun over winter, we'll host a 6-round "mini championship" with a set of circuits that share a common theme.

The first running will take place at at a trio of tracks in Japan - Fuji, Suzuka and Okayama - before moving South to Australia, where we will visit Mount Panorama, Sandown and Phillip Island.

There will also be a mix of race formats, with the interests of testing them for the next season of the Sim Racing Magazine GT4 Challenge. To accompany the usual 1-hour endurance races, there will be evenings that include two 30-minute "sprint" races, where fuel and tyre wear will still hopefully be a factor.

Just like the Course au Mans special event, the entries will open early (19:00BST on Tuesday the 26th of September) to any drivers that competed in Season 3 of the GT4 Challenge, before going public. The rulebook can be found below. (Please note there may be changes ahead of the championship beginning)

It's bound to be an exciting way to end the year with Sim Racing Magazine and the amazing community, and we hope to see you on our grids!

Entries will become available on the "Enter A Championship" page of in due course.


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