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New iRacing Series coming to Chaz Draycott Media!

I teased a while ago that a new series was coming to iRacing and Chaz Draycott Media - well here it is!

Off the back of the British Boring Car Championship, I decided to finally give the Boremula 1 World Championship a go. The name was thought up by Morgan Butler part-way through "Boring Cars" and eventually the idea ate away at my brain enough to force me into painting the cars and writing a rulebook. Massive shoutout to James Leggett of JL Racethetics for painting the Jordan, Benetton, Sauber, Lola and Tyrrell! Between us we spent three weeks on perfecting all of the liveries.

It's a very different format to any of the series I've run before, which usually had some sort of "Sprint Race then Feature Race" layout. This time we're having one single 40-minute (ish) race. Less than half the distance of a Formula 1 Grand Prix, but still including a pit stop. The cars being used are the (now Legacy and consequently free) Pro Mazda, painted to look like cars from the 1997 Formula 1 World Championship. We'll be visiting some incredible circuits too - all of which appeared on the Calendar in 1997 minus Phillip Island.

Of course some of the tracks and configurations are very different to how they were in 1997 but we're doing our best with what we've got to keep an authentic feel while maintaining a strong fun factor.

As has become tradition with my iRacing series, the teams and liveries are already prepared for drivers, so they need not worry about submitting paints, spec maps, decal layers etc. but this time, we're not using a wheel of fortune to determine who drivers with who. No sir. We are using pre-season testing to shape the field.

You see, as a real perfectionist and full-blown Formula 1 nerd, I felt it would be strange to watch a series where the two Lolas (yes we've included the Lolas) and potentially Minardis or Tyrrells ran away with it, taking race win after race win, so hear me out...

For pre-season testing we have three half-hour sessions at different tracks - Qualifying sessions too, so any drivers trying to show off with laps that include an "off-track" and pretend they're quickest can do one. The order of each of these sessions scores the respective drivers some points, which are tallied up at the end of the night.

Their finishing positions are matched up to the finishing order of the 1997 Formula 1 World Championship (with Schumacher classified 2nd instead of being disqualified) and they're given the necessary car. For example, the winner will be in a Williams, and 2nd place a Ferrari, then Williams, McLaren, Benetton and so on. This way, we will have some sort of potential realism when it comes to results.

Please click here to view the series rulebook, which contains all the information you'll need, as well as a link to the sign-up form.

Entries open on the 9th of December at 12:00pm GMT and cost £25 for the season. Please note that anyone entering will be required to attend mandatory pre-season testing on the 26th of January and to co-operate with liveries to make sure all details are covered.

Either way, I sincerely hope that anyone entering the series enjoys themselves and anyone watching the broadcasts - which will be on the Chaz Draycott Media YouTube Channel and Facebook Page - finds the racing exciting and nostalgic.

The series is open to sponsorship opportunities too, which will include a feature on all thumbnails, artwork, screenshots and broadcasts across the season. Get in touch via email at to find out more.

I hope you can join us to watch pre-season testing on the 26th of January and catch each and every round of the season, starting with the Australian Bore Prix on the 9th of February!


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