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Chaz joins Zansho Simsport (and starts racing again!)

A lot of you will know I went "freelance" in terms of sim racing near the start of the year after the majority of CQR Club became Puresims, but after at least 6 months of no competitive racing I'm finally back in a team in the form of Zansho Simsport!

I'd heard of Zansho before via conversations with Mike Epps and Mike Yau of Simply Race, but didn't think I'd ever get involved on the level that I have. Mike (Yau) and I have worked together a lot over lockdown and since then, so it made sense that I get integrated in with the team and before long I was in the Discord and knee-deep into the banter.

It's very exciting to be part of and I can already tell there's never a dull moment, but interestingly it's brought me more in touch with my long-term want to race competitively on rFactor 2. After putting a lot of work into a previous NGTC series on my YouTube Channel (which never really got any traction) I'd always wanted to race more often on the platform, especially in those cars.

The VMO SRTCUK Charity Event near the start of lockdown was a great chance to do this, especially against the range of real-life racing drivers (Abbie Eaton, James Gornall, Paul O'Neill and Colin Turkington included) and left me wanting more. I did a one-off, 3-hour Citroen C1 Endurance race with Jack Werrell in May but anyone that saw my Twitch Stream knows how that went...

But now... finally...

I've been given the chance to race the touring cars again! I'm delighted to have been accepted into the VMO TCUK Series on rFactor 2, competing for R&Co Motorsport under the Zansho banner with Ross McGregor as my teammate! I'll be driving the lovely Ford Focus RS NGTC and taking part in the final three rounds of the championship, starting with a meeting at Knockhill tomorrow - the 15th of September!

I have no clue how I'll get on but I've always been slightly confident in these cars and on rFactor 2, especially in comparison to how I perform on iRacing, so I guess there's only one way to see! I'll of course be streaming each race on my Twitch Channel and hopefully do the team proud as I try to prove I'm not just a professional talker.


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