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The Little Civic That C̶o̶u̶l̶d̶ Might

Due to my commentary schedule taking up all but three weekends until November, I've not been able to do much sim racing of late. I'm still running for the championship in the Sunday Drivers MX-5 Cup, but after missing the last four meetings, I've used up all of my drop scores and it would be difficult for me to be champion even if I entered every single remaining race, which I can't.

Aside from that, I'm finally getting back into more regular competition, and entering another series with the support of Zansho Simsport and all of the wonderful people there, and on a different sim, no less!

Yes, I'm doing that thing again where I build up to an announcement in a blog post that's already been given away by the title or thumbnail!

I'm going to be racing in the 2021 VMO TCUK Series on rFactor 2, driving this beautiful Honda Civic Type R FK2 NGTC, which was originally painted by rFactor 2 GT Pro Champion Matt Richards and kindly handed over to me so I could modify it slightly.

I'll be competing for the Independent Drivers' title under the team name CDM with Zansho, against some very quick drivers, including YouTuber Aidan Millward, who I'll be joining on stream for mid-race banter. I don't expect to be on the pace as such, and there's not many Civics on the grid to compare to, but luckily, a lot of the cars have very similar physics so I'm able to get help from some of my teammates with setups. Either way I love racing touring cars so it'll be great fun no matter what.

It's also another chance for me to prove that I can drive a bit, rather than just commentate. I joke that "there's a reason I'm a commentator, not a driver" but I really enjoy being behind the wheel, and like to think I can produce the odd good result, especially if I'm chasing a championship and aiming towards said results. I feel that rFactor 2 gives you a real sense of immersion too, as we'll be completing full warm up laps and making tyre choices for each round etc.

I may stream my own view of each evening's events, but can't promise anything at this time as I'm still having internet issues, which unfortunately are taking a long time (over a month now) to be diagnosed. Unfortunately I'll be missing the first round this coming Wednesday, but keep an eye out and I'll bring more updates as they come - I'm super excited to get this campaign under way!


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